History of khatik

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History and origin
The Khatik are widely distributed community in North India, and each Khatik group, has its own origin myth.In India, the Khateek are found in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar. Each of these groups maintains a distinct identity, speaking various dialects of Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi, and having different sub-groups.In Bihar, the Khatik are mainly involved in selling vegetables, and have never been butchers.they are very intelligent and handsome people. The community speak Bhojpuri and Hindi, and are found mainly in north Bihar. The community uses the surname Prasad. They are either cultivators, growing and selling vegetables, or in urban areas are simply vegetable sellers.In Uttar Pradesh, the Khatik enjoy scheduled caste status. They speak Bhojpuri, and other dialects of Hindi. The Khatik engage themselves in various economic activities, such as selling vegetables, fruits, flowers.

The Khatik in Rajasthan are concentrated in the districts of Ajmer, Jaipur, chittorgarh Alwar and Udaipur. They claim Rajput ancestry, and the etymology of the word Khateek comes from the Sanskrit khattika, which means butcher. The community speak dialects of Rajasthani, and profess Hinduism. Their regional deities include Hanuman. Like other Khatik communities, the Khatik of Rajasthan have a number of clans. Their main clans are the ,baber wals, Pawar, Samariya, Chandel, Baswala, Tanwar, Tepan, Naraniya, Beniwal, Nainiwal, Chanderia, Khoiwal, Virval, Tanwar, Parewa, Ratnani, Soyal, Khinchi, Ashiwal, Pahadia, Tomar, Badgujar,Bnundela, Begdi, Chauhan, Sankhla, Khitolia, Pachaury, Pachori, Chetiwal, Butolia, Malavalia, Chhinwal,Nagora, Tusawada, Burasia, chauhan the Rajasthani Khatik were avoided four gotras in marriage. Now-a-days, in view of the present situation, due to the problems occurred for matches of boys and girls for marriages, they avoid only two gotras specifically Mother and Father.


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